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Feb 18, 2013 9:00am EST
and the issue of fuel economy and all that. is that factored in as well? >> oh, absolutely, yeah. fuel economy. make a few base assumptions. fuel prices and what that looks like. one of the biggest which brings me to the first of three vehicles. the buick verano which was our category winner. it features best in class depreciation. up front cost $25,000-26,000. but once you factor in things like depreciation, cost of fuel, 30 miles per gallon, maintenance and repairs, buick is among the most affordable to old. beating out audi a 3, et cetera. >> interesting. what other cars do you have there? >> we have a couple others to share with you. next up is the lexus gs which was redesigned. our luxury car category beating out mercedes benz, bmw 5 series. what helps to differentiate the lexus is class leading depreciation. lexus was the brand that we named as the best lux uroee brand in terms of depreciation. toyota and lexus have a story representation of how they hold their values over the long-term. the mazda cx 5 which represents mazda. and what helps to set aside the mazda cx 5 is it gets excellen
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
reduction over ten years. with the economy making strides, the white house arguest now is not the time and want hz to replace cuts with more tax revenue despite republican opposition. >> they willpu not even consider anything that includes increased not even closing loopholes for jets or oil and gas companies. that seems to be to be a position that we ought to have them reexamine and come to the table and have a real discussion. >> if you want to look at ways to find $1.2 trillion, let's look at$1 obama care. let's don'ts destroy the military and cut blindly across th reporter: it'h in agreement the dc region will be the most impacted. and coming up at 7:30, a closer looa at what it will mean for ourou local economy. >> all right, melanie. thank you very much. th>>> in other news, a leaked immigration proposal is drawing harsh criticism from republicans. the draft bill leaked to usa today would create a special visa for illegal immaterial grants allowing them to stay in the u.s. only those who have been convicted of less than three crimes and spent no more than a year in pr
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am EST
the economy would take a hit if federal spending cuts are made. congress remains on vacation this week. little hope for a deal between now and the march 1st deadline. >> thank you very much. >>> and happening today, former congressman jesse jackson junior and his wife sandra will appear in a court for a plea hearing. accused of scheming to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign funds on personal items. both have agreed to plead guilty and both face jail time. >> 7:10 now on this wednesday morning. how much do you spend on coffee each morning? >> $5 at starbucks isn't unusual but how about close to $50? what may be a record setting jolt of joe. >> two american cardinals make news ahead of the pope's resignation. the other is dealing with questions over controversy will keep him out of the conclave. >> but first, did the bubble burst from maryland? dave ross serves up sports breakfast with a bad terps loss coming on the heels of their huge win. >> and as we take you to the break a live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next. 7:10. 34 degrees outside.
Feb 21, 2013 7:00am EST
. but as they learn to live on less, there will be a trickle down affect on the local economy. >> those affects will be felt in this area disproportionately. it's what happens if it goes on and on or happens over and over again. >> and we don't know. >> we don't know. it's the uncertainty that's making everybody so nervous. >> both the house and the senate are in recess until next week. just over a week to go before $85 billion in spending cuts begin find a way to avoid the cuts. >>> the way virginia pays for highway system could change for the first time in 30 years. law makers from both parties and the general assembly have reached a compromise on a transportation reform bill. replace 17.5 cent gasoline tax. also boost sales tax from 5% to 5.3%. and levy a $100 fee on hybrid cars. the deal could come up for a vote in the house and senate by the end of the week. >> happening today, a pair of maryland senate committees could vote to ban assault weapons. both measures have the full support of the governor and both will likely pass the panels. but each bill's fate in the full senate is still unce
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ it wasn't their cup. if you don't like that dark roast, we've created a coffee for you. blonde is a beautiful, light roasted coffee. kind of mellow, sweet, a little citrusy. for me, personally, i love connecting with people, so blonde roast just gives me a whole nother reason to connect with more customers. ♪ >>> our producer will find the music. i love it. the first lady debut ed a new do on her 49th birthday. one of the most talked about topics. >> now we're finding out why she changed her look in a skype interview with rachel ray. michelle obama jokingly blamed the bangs on a mid life crisis. she said it was the only option because she can't get a sports car. and won't be allowed to bungee jump. >> i can see that. >> the full interview airs tomorrow. good she has a sense of humor. >> i like it. makes sense to me. >> looks great. >> i really do like the bangs. tucker, you don't understand you have to cut the whole front
Feb 22, 2013 7:00am EST
blaming. could have a bad effect on the general economy. we're going to talk to a republican senator and democrat senator, one about whether it's going to happen, and two, why and is there anything that can be done to stop it either before or after the deadline. extraordinary. here we are again. had the fiscal cliff january 1st. now sequestration on march 1. and the government runs out of money march 27th. it's like groundhog day around here. >> it really is. i wonder if these congress people get, the more people you talk to, particularly in washington where it could have a pretty major impact if not on march 1, but within a few weeks, is the frustration and anger of a lot of the american people at this issue. they just feel like congress, between congress and the white house, they're not getting anything done. >> yeah. it isn't just washington, though obviously people here are most affected by it. it's around the country. you look at ratings of congress, very low. and you're exactly right. as i said, groundhog day, because it's one deadline after another and each time we sort of kic
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6